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Newsletter No. 8- September, 2001


The Whole Village newsletter is published on line to keep our friends, near and far, informed on how our project is progressing. For background information and previous issues, please visit our website at: http://www.wholevillage.org .  Click here to view our Membership Policy.  Click here to read our Farm Plan.


Karalane Farm, the site of the Whole Village, is in the northwest corner of the Town of Caledon, Peel Region, just 10 minutes south of Orangeville. The property has a pond, a year round stream, gravel resources, bank barn and equipment sheds, a maple sugar bush, arable land and good building sites. While very rural and quiet, the farm is still less than 60 minutes from Toronto and thirty minutes from Brampton, Mississauga and Guelph.

Site Work

In spite of the extremely dry weather this summer, the Whole Village garden has produced an abundance of herbs, salad greens and peas.  The garlic harvest is complete and bundles of fragrant bulbs are hanging in the woodshed to dry.  Tomatoes, tomatillos and corn are ripening and the squash plants have completely taken over the north edge, where mulch has been laid down in preparation for expanding the garden next year.  Soon it will be time to turn our attention to gathering firewood for this winter and winters to come.




WV members, associates and friends have staffed information tables at the Oakville Environmental Fair, the Natural Life Festival at the Kortright Centre in Woodbridge and at the Taoist Tai Chi Centre open house in Mono Mills. At the Natural Life Festival, Jeff Gold joined Adriana Stagni of CoHousing Ontario for a cooperative presentation on ecovillages and CoHousing.  Mike McKelvey and Natasha Bye distributed WV brochures at the Hillside Festival in Guelph and the OM Festival in Bancroft.


There have been 60 people in attendance at our last 7 Orientation meetings for prospective members. 

Currently there are 217 people on our email Updates list.





Representing the Whole Village, Jeff Gold assisted a crew from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources who are conducting a survey of fish population in the upper Credit River.  They use a technique called electrofishing, which temporarily stuns fish.  As the operators pass their devices through the stream, fish float to the surface where assistants scoop them up with nets to be weighed, measured and then released.  After the crew completed their morning assignment, they drove up to Karalane farm and conducted more electrofishing in the pond and in the section of Shaws Creek that flows near the property.  Not surprisingly, there were no fish in the pond, as it has never been stocked. 


Stephen Wilson attended the Sierra Club’s Green Energy Campaign meeting June 14 in Toronto, on behalf of the WV.


On July 4, WV members toured the Toronto Waldorf School in Richmond Hill.  Our architect, Denis Bowman, designed the school and was a key member of the group that built this very interesting and beautiful building.   Of particular interest was the Living Machine, a waste disposal system built in a greenhouse attached to the school.  When the aging septic system at the school proved inadequate, the decision was made to create an environmentally and ecologically sound waste treatment system rather than hook up to the municipal sewers.  The Living Machine is able to purify wastewater to a level where the effluent can be sterilized with ultraviolet light and then recycled back to the toilets for reuse.


When the Town of Caledon held a public meeting to discuss the Town’s response to the Provinces’ Smart Growth initiative, we made sure that the ecovillage concept was included as a model of sustainability.


A few Whole Villagers attended a gathering hosted by the Caledon Countryside Alliance.  The CCA is soliciting input on how best to promote the concept of Ecological Footprinting in Caledon.  It seems living in an ecovillage is one of the best ways to reduce your Ecological Footprint!!


Alan and Trish Carpenter, residents of Windsong CoHousing in Vancouver, stopped at Karalane farm as part of their cross-country tour of ecovillages, cohousing communities and similar projects.  Alan is managing the Canadian Cohousing Network and encouraged the Whole Village to maintain our membership.


Dr. Maglana, a physician from the Philippines, stopped by the farm to learn more about the Whole Village.  He lives and works part of the year in New York State, then spends the rest of the year in his homeland.  Keenly interested in ecology, sustainability, community and environmental issues, the doctor is planning a large project to restore a degraded national park in the Philippines.  This would include relocating a village, creating ecotourism and ameliorating the damage caused by mining and logging within the park.


Much of the organizing and development work of the Whole Village resides with our mandate groups. Some recent progress:


We welcomed our newest member, Laszlo Kramar, to the WV.  Laszlo is originally from Hungary, has several degrees and is very interested in sustainable agriculture.  Membership now stands at eight families, one Subscriber (member-in-waiting) and nine Associate members.  Orientation meetings for potential new members and other interested friends are held at the WV site at regular intervals.   If you are interested in attending an Orientation Meeting, the next ones are scheduled for September 16, September 30, October 12, October 26, November 11, November 25 and December 8, 2001.  Contact Jeff Gold at 519-941-1099 or email jgold@netrover.com to RSVP and for directions.  Personal Orientations can be arranged, and current WV members can also conduct their own orientation sessions for potential participants.

Click here for more information on our Membership Policy.


Members of this group are conducting a telephone follow-up survey of people who have attended an Orientation meeting but have not pursued any further interaction with the WV.  From the results of this survey we will attempt to determine what people perceive as the obstacles to their joining the WV.    We will also analyze the responses to see if our Orientation format and content are effectively promoting the WV initiative.



We received the first installment of our $20,000 grant under the Affordability and Choice Today (ACT) program.  ACT is jointly sponsored by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, the Canadian Home Builders Association and the Canadian Housing Renewal Association. (For more information see: http://www.actprogram.com/english/welcome.asp).


August 1 we met on the farm with our two local Councillors for this ward, Ian Sinclair and Richard Paterak, to bring them up to date on the latest site designs and discuss our plans.  On August 13 we met the councillors again, this time at Town of Caledon offices.  Joining them was Mayor Carol Seglins, Councillor Richard Whitehead and planners Dan Kennaley and Kathy Kurtz.  After going over the site plan and residential component, we had a frank and open discussion about the challenges and opportunities ahead for the WV.  The Town offered to host a public meeting in the fall, where we could present our plans and respond to questions and concerns.



Design Group

Denis Bowman, WV member and architect for the WV community, and his associates have completed residential site plan number seven as part of our ongoing site design efforts.  Denis and his coworkers have met one of our key site design goals by putting the homes, related roads and infrastructure on less than 5% of the property.  Every home in this particular design version features a south facing, private courtyard, with access both to the outdoors and to an interior gallery, and a ‘green’ roof.  Three clusters of homes are connected by a gallery to the common areas at the heart of the community.   Denis and his team are working on perspective drawings and elevations showing what the Whole Village will actually look like.  The design is now at stage where we can estimate construction costs.


Chris Caners is a student in mechanical engineering at the University of Toronto going into his final year.  His thesis project for his final year is going to be on the design of alternative power generation.  Chris will work with us and with Greg Allen, our materials, energy and sustainable design consultant, on the design of the Whole Village power and energy systems.  Chris is also very interested in intentional community living and interacting with WV members.


This group met with Bob Barnett of the Escarpment Biosphere Conservancy, Pearl Karal, the owner of Karalane Farm and her accountant, Steve Lubek, to discuss the consequences of registering a Conservation Easement on the Deed to the farm before completing the sale.  By the end of this meeting, Pearl agreed to allow the WV to work out the wording for a comprehensive conservation easement that she would then place on the title just prior to the sale.  She also agreed to extend the closing date of the Agreement of Purchase and Sale for the property until the end of the year to allow the easement to be prepared.



The Communications Mandate Group coordinates all outreach, maintains the web site and email lists, produces the newsletter and handles all media relations.  The members of this group are working on a promotional video that will tell the WV story in an engaging, concise and informative manner.  WV member Laszlo Kramar has produced a draft CD-ROM about the Whole Village that has images, text, audio and video.


Farm/Land Stewardship

The Farm Plan and Farm Site Plan have both been revised after input from our Biodynamic farming consultants Michael Schmidt and Corey and Holly of the Saugeen Valley CSA.  Brad Peterson, our Landscape Architect, has worked closely with Denis Bowman and his colleagues to integrate the Farm Site Plan and the residential plan into one comprehensive document.


The FL/S group met with Montana Jones’ at the farm where she is living near Cannington.  Montana has acquired a small flock of rare Shropshire Sheep and some New Jersey Giant chickens.  She is looking forward to moving onto Karalane Farm early in the New Year.  We discussed various possibilities for raising Rare Breeds, or even becoming a Demonstration Farm for Rare Breeds Canada, as well as raising Boer goats as a WV farm enterprise. 


The Conservation Plan for Karalane Farm being prepared by Credit Valley Conservation is now in draft form and should be completed by September.

Wellness, Arts and Culture

The members of this group are looking at home-based businesses in the WV, the possibilities of creating a wellness or therapeutic centre as part of the village, facilities and amenities to be included in the community building and what similar resources exist in nearby communities.  They have revised the standard WV questionnaire to gather more detailed information about home based business, consulting and other uses from members, associates and friends. 



Friday June 29 many of us joined Denis Bowman and his folk dancing friends for a rooftop dance party at King Summit.



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