Whole Village King
Newsletter No. 2 October 1999

The Whole Village King (approximately) monthly newsletter is distributed to inform our friends, near and far, on how our project is progressing.


Membership now stands at 24 families and we expect ultimately to have 30 families. We are holding an orientation meeting for potential new members and other interested friends, on Wednesday, October 27, 1999 at 7:30 pm, at 38 Steeplechase Ave., Aurora. If you are interested in attending, please contact us (see below), or call Miriam Guzman at (905) 713-0155.

Falconfield News

We have continued to develop broad plans for how we can best utilize the beautiful, 300-acre site that has been offered. A farm plan has been developed with the expectation that initial agricultural operations will begin next summer. A mulching party spread 10 bales of straw over approximately 1.5 acres and additional work parties are planned. We met with an official from the Nature Conservancy of Canada. This group is very positive about the possibilities of working closely with us to develop a comprehensive conservation easement plan for Falconfield. The Conservancy can do a title search of the property, conduct various assessments, and draw up the necessary legal documents to create easements. We are delighted to have made this connection with such an experienced and well-regarded group.

Weekend Retreat

Plans are being made for an intensive, weekend retreat for all members (including children), most likely in the Hockley Valley on November 27-28. Besides being enormously important in building community, we plan to discuss project planning, pattern language and design, permaculture, and biodynamic farming over the weekend. Potential members who have been to an orientation session (see above) are welcome.

Mandate Groups

Much of the organizing and development work of Whole Village King resides with our mandate groups. Some recent progress:

Project planning and Outreach Group

Detailed project planning is well underway: a first identification of tasks has been compiled and entered into MS Project. Responses are also being compiled to a detailed questionnaire designed to capture each family's resources, needs and expectations. We have been encouraged by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities to apply for a grant to assist with detailed zoning issues. An information letter has gone out to residents in the immediate neighbourhood of Falconfield, outlining our project and soliciting any concerns raised by the Whole Village initiative.

Pattern Language Mandate Group

Pattern Language meetings are held every other Thursday evening at King Summit. Exploration of the types of housing and other facilities is progressing well. This work will move to discussion of permaculture over the next month or two.

Communications Mandate Group

A members-only website is being developed as a central repository for minutes, WVK calendar, member information, and mandate group updates. It may even be possible to add panoramic views of Falconfield! Our brochure is being revised and reprinted and articles in appropriate periodicals will be prepared over the next few months.

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