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Martha teaches Alisha to knit

Alisha, Natalie and Angela

Dinner party in the farmhouse

Tomas running in the barnyard

Whole Village Vision

We intend to create a community with a commitment to sustainability and land stewardship that provides a place to farm and to live in harmony with the natural habitat:

Founding Principles

It is fundamental to our shared purpose that we:

1) Welcome all those who embrace the founding principles.

2) Celebrate what we share in common, while being mindful of each other's unique individuality.

3) Foster an atmosphere of mutual interdependence through shared facilities, resources, responsibilities and activities balanced with an appreciation of privacy and private ownership.

4) Form a community that is planned, built and sustained through the leadership and participation of its members using a consensus discernment process.

5) Create a safe, healthy, and supportive village in which to nurture children.

6) Strive to be sustainable in all ways, ecologically, economically, spiritually and socially.

7) Integrate biodynamic, organic, permaculture and other ecologically sound farming principles in an economical manner.

8) Commit ourselves to the development of economic, political and cultural connections with our neighbours, our community, and the world as a whole.

In bringing these principles to life, it is our intent to:

* Use not only the finances but also the sweat-equity of our members as much as possible.

*Educate ourselves to a better, and more sustainable lifestyle.

* Implement ecologically responsible energy, water and waste systems within the limits of present technology and economic viability.

Last Update:
May 20, 2015

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