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Foundation ceremony for Greenhaven

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Membership in Whole Village

Living in Greenhaven

Most Whole Villagers live together in Greenhaven, our co-operatively owned home, which has eleven private apartments/suites built around a common living, dining, and kitchen area. Leadership, responsibilities and financial commitments are shared, and residents participate in the governance of our community by a consensus-based decision-making process.

Greenhaven is managed by the people who live in it. We have weekly house meetings and annual retreats where all aspects of community living are discussed. Residents sign up for various housekeeping duties. Communal dinners are held most evenings, with a rotating roster of cooks and cleanup crew. Most of the vegetables we consume are produced on the property.

In addition to developing and enhancing a community life together, members are dedicated to living lightly on the earth. Our home features eco-friendly design elements which reflect our goal of shifting to renewable energy and alternative building. By living together in one house we lessen our consumption of many resources through shared cooking and laundry facilities and utilities.

We reach out to the larger community through hosting educational events and school groups, concerts, and seasonal celebrations.

Greenhaven Suites for Sale

There are currently two suites for sale in Greenhaven, a one bedroom (top picture on the left) and one two bedroom. All units have full bathrooms, a kitchenette, unobstructed views of the Whole Village farm and a private garden area. If you wish to find out more, please contact us at: info(at)

Whole Village Membership

An individual or family becomes a full Member of Whole Village by buying a suite and a share of the land. Members have full legal and financial obligations and privileges within the co-op. A Provisional Member has fulfilled most of the requirements for full membership but has not assumed the full legal and financial obligations of a Member. Provisional membership is a step toward becoming a full Member.

Rental and rent to own: If space is available, prospective Members are invited to rent for a few months before making a commitment to buy into the co-op. A rent-to-own option may be available for those who cannot make the full financial commitment.

The membership process is intended as a mutual getting-to-know-you experience for both community members and the prospective residents. Anyone who wishes to reside at Whole Village, whether as a full Member or as a renter, must fulfill the following conditions:
1. Attend at least 2 interviews with 3-6 residents (includes their mentor + one other owner + 1-4 others).
2. Arrange to participate with one or more residents in one activity for at least half a day, e.g. help with dinner, livestock care, garden work, host games night.
3. Choose a Mandate Group of interest and attend at least one meeting.
4. Take a full tour/walk/hike of the farm.
5. Stay over for a few days if possible or recommended by the Community.
6. Become an Associate Member and pay the monthly dues.

Whole Village Property Co-operative Inc. is the legal entity which owns the land and buildings of the Whole Village community. The Community Members' Agreement and By-Laws of the Co-operative detail the organization and operation of the Co-operative and are available to non-members for $5 a copy or free by email.

Purchase of a suite in Whole Village's eco-residence Greenhaven gives full membership rights in Whole Village. The purchase price of a suite includes an ownership share of the 190-acre farm, a membership share in the co-operative, occupancy rights for the suite and the use of all common spaces.

There is a monthly occupancy cost for each suite in Greenhaven, which covers land taxes, insurance, heat, electricity, capital reserve fund and maintenance. This monthly fee varies according to the size of the suite.

Interviews with Villagers

Short videos of villagers talking about their community. Click on the thumbnails below to start the videos.

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Feb 13, 2016

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