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Whole Village Newsletters

Our newsletters keep a chronological record of how Whole Village has developed from an idea into a thriving reality. Within their pages you can read our personal stories and gain a better understanding of the joys and challenges we've experienced in creating our community. Enjoy!

Winter 2011 (pdf)

Winter 2010 (pdf)

Summer and Fall 2008 Newsletter

April 2008 Newsletter

Winter 2008 (pdf 170 kb)

Summer 2007 (pdf, 222kb)   Winter 2007 (pdf, 314k)

Winter 2006 (pdf, 528k)   Summer 2005(pdf, no pics,136k)

Summer 2005(pdf, 336k)   Winter 2005(pdf, no pics 129k)

Winter 2005(pdf, 401k)

Summer 2004 (pdf, no pics 116k)   Summer 2004 (pdf, 1643k)

Autumn 2004 (pdf)

Summer 2003 (pdf, no pics, 210k)   Winter, 2003 (pdf, no pics 89k)

Vol.4, no.1,November 2002   Vol.3, no.4, December 2001

Vol.3, no.3, September 2001   Vol.3, no.2, May 2001

Vol.3, no.1, February 2001   Vol.2, no.2, November 2000

Vol.2, no.1, April 2000   Vol.1, no.3, November 1999

Vol.1, no.2, October 1999   Vol.1, no.1, September 1999

Whole Village CSA Newsletters

August 23, 2007   August 30, 2007   October 18,2007 May 1, 2008

Here are some articles about Whole Village:

-In The Hills November 2005
-Toronto Sun July 2005
-Toronto Star August 2005
-NOW Magazine March 2006

Last Update:
December 9, 2015

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